Bouden Coach Travel have very recently secured a contract for the personnel transport of Amazon staff in the form of a specially created new bus route created by our dedicated team. Staff will be picked up from various destinations in Birmingham and transported efficiently to the Amazon Fulfillment Centre in Rugeley.

From first contact to completion we created a full proposal and were agreed as the supplier in less than 4 hours. Proving that when it comes to personnel transport we really are the experts. The client was looking for one provider to accommodate them for the movement of staff 7 days a week. We are proud to say that we have fulfilled this need and will be providing them with fast, well planned, and effective personnel transport starting from 17/09/2017.

  • We planned exact pick up points along the route.
  • We will supply them with executive coaches 7 days a week.
  • Agreed discounted rates.
  • Cash handling for the bus service.
  • Passengers counted and numbers documented when entering the service.
  • Contract secured within 4 hours.
  • 5 drivers and 3 vehicles will be supplied daily.
  • Bookings agreed on a weekly basis.


Amazon ( the world’s largest online retailer were looking for one company to fulfill their staff movement needs. With little time left to organize, the company in charge of organizing their requirements  contacted us at Bouden Coach Travel.

We were given 6 different locations that staff members needed to be picked up from, these included Birmingham Corporation Street, Erdington Six Wats, Boldmere Highbridge Road, Kingstanding Circle, Streetly, Hardwick Arms, and finally Shire Oak Cross Road. We drilled down the locations and confirm exact pick up spots, to also eliminate any confusion we provided signs for each vehicle on the all new service.
Tailoring exactly to the requirements of Amazon, cash handling will be provided on the service for the paying members of staff. Our team were dedicated to creating a full proposal to fulfill the needs of Amazon outlined by the company, by providing them with efficient personnel transport for the best possible price.

How We Helped

Here at Bouden Coach Travel we were able to construct a full proposal in less than 4 hours, fully outlining the all new bus route created by the team using the locations provided by the company. The exact specifications of the vehicles that will be used, as well as the discounted rates and added extras were also included in the well-planned proposal.

By 17:00 the contract was confirmed and it was official that Bouden Coach Travel will be providing Amazon with cost effective and punctual travel facilities.  

Within the initial enquiry, standard vehicles were requested. However, here at Bouden Coach Travel we specialize in executive and luxury transport, therefore our vast fleet only consists of higher spec vehicles. This meant in this case Amazon were upgraded free of charge to our very own executive Mercedes Tourismo Coaches. We are proud to say that these vehicles embody our brand benefitting from facilities such as air conditioning, climate control, fully working toilet and lavish full/part leather seating. The company outlined Amazon’s travel requirements and we were able accommodate with impressive vehicles that are more than perfect for the job.

We offered discounted pricing because of the nature of the contract therefore going above and beyond for our clients at every opportunity. Cash handling and the registering of staff on board by our drivers were key aspects that were outlined by the company in charge of fulfilling Amazon’s needs. The multiple drivers that will be needed daily for the service drive for us 24/7, 365 days a year. They specialize in all things travel, have many years of experience, and take great pride in the customer service they offer.


Creating the specific bus route for Amazon proved easy for our team of dedicated account managers. It’s safe to say that the company were impressed by our efficiency, customer service and the executive vehicles they will be provided with. As a result of this we can add them to our vast portfolio and can proudly say that we will be fulfilling this need for transport 7 days a week, starting from the 17th of September and running until the end of 2017.

We are not just an operator, we are a travel management solution.

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