Bouden Coach Travel have a range of different sized, standard vehicles available to you and although they are standard, we maintain them to a high standard.

Fully licensed, insured and regularly checked, our standard vehicles are a perfect solution when your just looking to get from A to B, cost effectively.

We do not have any standard cars available, for this you would need to call a local taxi firm. However, we can provide you with an MPV, Minibus, Midi-Coach or Coach.


MPV’s are available with 6 to 8 seats and when you book a standard MPV you can expect to receive a Volkswagen Touran or Toyota Verso. These vehicles, even when at full passengers capacity, have a large amount of luggage space and you could expect to fit around 6 large suit cases on board. This is what makes these types of vehicles perfect for airport transfers; you can all travel together and it isn’t too much of a squeeze.


Minibuses are available with 10, 14 or 16 seats. When there are groups of 8 or more people travelling with a large suitcase and hand luggage each its practical to go for the next size up. Minibuses do not have a large amount of luggage space available but we are able to take out seats should this be needed. For example you’re in a group of 12 and you’re going for a 2 week holiday, therefore you are travelling with a lot of luggage. In this instance, you should ask for a 16 seater to accommodate this. By doing so, this ensures that there is enough room to fit everyone in safely, without exceeding any legal limits.

You can hire a standard midi-coach from Bouden Coach Hire too – no problem.


These are available with seating capacities ranging from 17 passengers to 33 and provide a safe, cost effective solution for a larger group. These vehicles again will have a basic interior, consisting of none-leather upholstery, but will be comfortable, clean and well suited to short journeys (70 miles or less).

You will not find tables, air con or fridges in a standard class vehicle and also this size vehicle will not provide a toilet regardless of the vehicle class.


If you’re looking for an on-board toilet, this is the size of vehicle you will need. Typically ranging anywhere from 49 seats up to 63, these vehicles allow large groups to travel together and has underbelly storage available to utilize. This means that large amounts of luggage can be accommodated with ease and doesn’t have to take up any room on board.

Bouden’s standard coaches are clean and offer plenty of leg room which is especially important when school’s are trying to accommodate wriggly children. Standard coaches are by far the cheapest but even though they are very basic, this doesn’t mean our high standards of cleanliness and mechanical safety drop when it comes to these coaches.

Do you need a standard vehicle for your journey?

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