Bouden Coach Travel Fulfill Velo Birmingham’s Large Minibus Hire Request 

Velo Birmingham organizers required a large amount of minibus hire with 2 alternating drivers, to comply with safety regulations, for cyclists who could no longer continue the route. The difficult requirements outlined by the company were no problem for Bouden Coach Travel and by fulfilling this transport requirement they prove that they aren’t just an operator they are a travel management solution that provides the best in transport for a budget-friendly price.

• Large quantity of minibusses provided
• 2 drivers per vehicle provided so that no breaks were needed
• Budget friendly pricing
• Accommodating team of expert consultants
• Cost-effective standard vehicles provided



Taking place throughout Birmingham and the surrounding areas Velo Birmingham were looking for one company to fulfill their transport requirements for their large event.
The event consisted of 15,000 cyclists including sporting professionals, newbies, and charity fundraisers, all with the desire to complete the picturesque and challenging 100-mile course.
Velo Birmingham needed a large amount of minibuses along with 2 drivers on each to cater for cyclists who dropped off the course and could not carry on. The client needed these 2 drivers to comply with the specifications that there must be no breaks on board the service. Therefore, in order to comply with legal driving hours we provided the solution of 2 alternating drivers. Executive/luxury facilities were not required here therefore standard minibuses, perfect for A to B travel, needed to be sourced.

How We Helped With Minibus Hire

Bouden Coach Travel were able to provide the full requirement of minibus hire to Velo Birmingham. From initial enquiry, our team of expert travel consultants worked efficiently on planning ahead for the important event.
Outlined was the request of multiple minibuses which were to be driven around the 100-mile course using alternating drivers. We are proud to say that these requirements were no problem for us, we were able to provide Velo Birmingham with only the very best in travel solutions not only meet but exceed their needs.
Safety and driving hours were a key aspect here for Bouden Coach Travel to fulfill and 2 drivers were provided for each vehicle following the specification. This was so that all legal requirements were met, as Velo Birmingham were legally implicated for the wellbeing of the 15,000 participants. Drivers throughout the day would have legally needed to have taken their 15 and 30-minute breaks, because Bouden Coach Travel provided 2 drivers this made sure that they could provide a continuous service and all requirements were met.
We suggested that standard vehicles be used because of the nature of the contract, Velo Birmingham were working to a tight budget and executive/luxury facilities were not required in this instance.

The standard vehicles that were provided were perfect for the route mapped out for the event. Standard vehicles are used frequently within Bouden Coach Travel for journeys where executive/luxury facilities are not necessary and for companies who are working toward a budget, some examples include sports team events, school trips, and for this event to provide transport for cyclists who could not carry on.

Budget was a key aspect in this case and we were able to put forth a costeffective proposal for Velo Birmingham. Offering discounted pricing because of the volume of transport required and the nature of the contract.

Customer service and attention to detail are what we always strive to be the best in here Bouden Coach Travel. We assigned a dedicated account manager to the job, and with our 24/7 contactable operations line someone was always on hand to help.

It’s safe to say Velo Birmingham were impressed by our travel management services and the vehicles they were provided with for their impressive event.
We are very proud here at Bouden Coach Travel to have fulfilled this difficult travel requirement. Putting together proposals like what we have done for Velo Birmingham and following through with specific requirements is what we specialize in.

We are not just an operator, we are a full travel management solution.


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