Bouden Coach Travel Defend Coaches Credentials During COVID-19 - Routeone Magazine Feature

As we enter phase two, many have been left puzzled over the next steps to re-opening businesses and returning to work, however, at Bouden Travel, it was clear what needed to be done. “The lack of clarity offered by the Government has left the country c...

Booming At Bouden - Bus & Coach Buyer

Adel acquired a Mercedes-Benz car for hire work and in the earlier stages of the company added other drivers to its team. It was not long before the company bought full-size coaches.“We have had vast growth in a short space of time,”

Bouden Coach Travel Is TripAdvisor’s Best - Route One Magazine

It’s no secret that at Bouden Coach Travel our mantra is the client comes first: After all, a satisfied customer is the best strategy.

Hard Work Pays Off For An Aspirational Operator - Route One Magazine

Work hard but work smart. That applies to many things in life, and one still-growing Birmingham operator amply demonstrates that it is also a good mantra to adopt when running coaches.

Coach Firm Help 3,000 People Break World Record - Greater Birmingham Chamber Of Commerce

Bouden Coach Travel provided transport to Wembley from 20 different pick up points including Exeter, Nottingham, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Welwyn Garden City and more.

Bouden Coach Travel Take Charity Choir To Biggest Performance Yet - Greater Birmingham Chamber Of Commerce

Bouden Coach Travel provided free transportation for the Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer choir to an audition for Britain’s Got Talent, held in London.