Bouden Coach Travel Helped Thousands of Stranded Monarch Passengers Return Home

As morning broke on the 2nd October it was announced that the UK’s fifth largest airline Monarch had been placed into administration. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) were then put to the test along with other companies like Bouden Coach Travel to organize the homecoming of over 110,000 passengers. Over the space of 2 weeks countless flights were rearranged and passengers were moved by coach operators, like Bouden Coach Travel to different airports throughout the UK in an aim to get all those affected home.

• Assigned a dedicated coordinator to oversee and control all transport 24/7.
• Supplied with multiple executive and luxury standard coaches.
• Coaches were on standby 24/7 ready for when the service for extra passengers was needed.
• Friendly drivers willing to help in any way they could.
• Thousands of passengers returned home safely and efficiently.
• Over 280 vehicle movements took place.
• Other coach companies coordinated by Bouden Coach Travel
• Service ran for 2 weeks

How did we help?

Left in the aftermath of Monarch’s decline were thousands of stranded holiday goers, all looking toward the CAA and many other companies including us at Bouden Coach Travel to get them home to their loved ones.
Multiple chartered flights were put into place and flight diversion services to accommodate these passengers. With the well-being of the passengers at the forefront of the operation, Bouden Coach Travel played a key part in solving the challenges faced.

With headquarters based only 5 minutes away from Birmingham airport, Bouden Coach Travel were given the task of managing the midlands area of the operation. Placing an on-sight coordinator as instructed to make sure a helping hand was always available, the coordinator’s most important jobs
included to direct passengers, other coach operators and airport staff during the operation.

Bouden Coach Travel made sure that coaches were available for the passengers 24 hours a day, placing vehicles on standby if more passengers needed transport than originally anticipated. We deployed cars, minibuses, coaches, coordinators and ground handlers to oversee the smooth passage of the estimated 22,000 passengers that came through Birmingham airport.
In Birmingham alone, the operation involved more than 40 coach companies, and being the main operator onsite and in charge we made sure we had vehicles on standby of all sizes to face any unforeseen events.

Our company has been appraised by the CAA and CMAC Group for providing the efficient transport service for these passengers at Birmingham airport.
Commenting on our company, Peter Drissell the Director of Aviation Security for the CAA said: ‘Bouden Coach Travel have a provided an absolutely fantastic service, with a commendable focus on the passenger.’


After two weeks of countless flights, coach trips, and transport mayhem, there was relief at Birmingham Airport on Monday (16/10/2017) after replacement flights brought home the remaining stranded customers of Monarch Airlines.

We work with companies of all sizes including the biggest names in the industry, transporting passengers from A to B safely and efficiently. With our HQ based in Birmingham and depots throughout the UK, here at Bouden Coach Travel we can accommodate any ground transport and accommodation requirements you may have.
It’s safe to say that the organizations involved were impressed by our efficiency, customer service and the executive vehicles they will be provided with. As a result of this we can add them to our vast portfolio of emergency work and can proudly say that we were a key part in helping the thousands of stranded passengers make their final way home to loved ones.

We are not just an operator, we are a full travel management solution.


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