Did you know that 1 in 88 people in Birmingham are homeless?


Here at Bouden  Coach Travel we will be teaming up with Birmingham charity SIFA Fireside to do our bit in tackling the homelessness crisis within the Birmingham area. 

SIFA Fireside is a leading charity within Birmingham, enabling homeless and vulnerable people to take control, paving the way for healthier, fulfilling lives. In 2017 alone SIFA Fireside provided almost 33,000 meals, assessed more than 2,600 individuals and raised over £242,000 from fundraising activities. This was put towards their aims of reducing homelessness in Birmingham, increasing life skills, improving health and improving employment potential. 

As you can see SIFA Fireside’s vision doesn’t just stop at providing food and shelter for the homeless we feel that the services offered here are nothing short of inspiring and can’t wait to begin working with the charity.

SIFA Fireside’s aims are to reduce homelessness, increase social inclusion, increase life skills, improve health, improve employment potential and to reduce offending. During the year their site in Digbeth supports single adults that are predominantly over 25 experiencing homelessness. They host a daily drop-in service every weekday where clients can have a shower, eat a hot meal, receive health support such as podiatric services, mental health specialists, physical nursing and drug and alcohol support. The charity also offers housing advice, emergency accommodation, safe storage of documents, toiletries, as well as this they put on arts and crafts classes, and cinema club so that clients can also experience things we sometimes take for granted. 

Here at Bouden Coach Travel we will be taking a hands-on approach in helping this important cause including; raising awareness, fundraising, volunteering and generally promoting the charity and the fundamental aspects of homelessness SIFA Fireside aim to tackle.

‘It was lovely meeting staff and hearing some hard-hitting stories from volunteers at SIFA Fireside’ Says Hannah Moore our PR, sales, and marketing assistant at Bouden Coach Travel. ‘Homelessness is a major crisis within the UK and something we feel passionate about.’

With the weather due to enter blisteringly cold conditions this winter, now more than ever is the time to offer support. On Sunday, 16th December SIFA Fireside will be hosting a concert within Grand Central in order to raise money for the cause. Bouden Coach Travel and SIFA Fireside invite you to come along and help celebrate Christmas and aid the work that the charity does for the Homeless community.

Keep an eye out on our blog and social media for updates on the work we will be doing in support of SIFA Fireside.


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