Monarch Airline Collapse – How we have helped?

How have we helped with the Monarch Airline Collapse?

When the news broke of Monarchs decline The CAA already had a plan of action. As well as providing alternate flights they placed planes on standby in airports across the country. Although the CAA were quick to act, some passengers had to be redirected and flown into different airports, this is where the help of ground transport companies was required.

The CAA asked ground transport provider CMAC to help. Being one of the leading transport management companies in the UK they were well prepared for events of this kind. They deployed coaches in no time from different coach operators up and down the country to provide these passengers with a safe and efficient journey home.

Two weeks on and we can confirm that the repatriation of the Monarch passengers has been completed with great success.
The operation has been expected to have cost around £60million.

Organised by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) managed by CMAC Group and executed by numerous coach and taxi firm throughout the UK.

Andrew Haines, CAA chief executive said looking back at the operation: ‘This has been a phenomenal challenge’ He also added that 98% of passengers arrived home on the day they were scheduled to return.

We are proud to say Bouden Coach Travel has played a major role in this whole operation. Located only 5 minutes away from Birmingham airport and being a premium partner to CMAC Group we have been given the honour of managing the whole operation in Birmingham.

We have deployed cars, minibuses, coaches, coordinators and ground handlers to oversee the smooth passage of the estimated 22,000 passengers that came through Birmingham airport. It was an amazing display of team work that brought together government organisations, coach operators, airport staff and the transport management company CMAC Group in this passenger repatriation.

Our onsite coordinators made sure vehicles were there well before scheduled time, handlers were there to help load passenger’s luggage when boarding the coaches, and we made sure no passengers had to wait longer than 15 minutes before they continued their route home.

In Birmingham alone the operation involved more than 40 coach companies, and being the main operator onsite and in charge we made sure we had vehicles on standby of all sizes in order to face any unforeseen events.

Our company has been appraised by the CAA  and CMAC Group for providing the efficient transport service for these passengers at Birmingham airport.

Commenting on our company, Peter Drissell said: ‘Bouden Coach Travel have a provided an absolutely fantastic service, with a commendable focus on the passenger.’

After two weeks of countless flights, coach trips, and transport mayhem, there was relief at Birmingham Airport on Monday (16/10/2017) after replacement flights brought home the remaining stranded customers of Monarch Airlines.

We would just like to say a special thank you to the CAA and CMAC for the good management and the opportunity to help in this passenger repatriation operation.

We work with companies of all sizes including the biggest names in the industry, transporting passengers from A to B safely and efficiently. With our HQ based in Birmingham and depots throughout the UK, here at Bouden Coach Travel we can accommodate any ground transport and accommodation requirements you may have. 


Call 0800 112 3770 or email your requirements to or and one of our dedicated transport consultants can advise the best solution for you. 

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