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Did any of you guys catch the Velo Birmingham ? we provided effective minibus hire for the riders on the day. Maybe you watched on the TV or could see it from your window like us, as we were lucky enough to experience it right from our doorstep.

If you don’t know what Velo Birmingham is let me fill you in. The first of its kind, a 100-mile journey around the stunning areas of Worcestershire and Staffordshire before returning to the UK’s second city Birmingham. 15000 cyclists attended consisting of sporting professionals, newbies, and charity fundraisers who all completed the challenge on this truly unforgettable day.

Here at Bouden Coach Travel we were extremely excited to be a part of this amazing event. We got the call from one of the organizers and were asked to provide a large amount of minibuses, all with 2 alternating drivers to comply with the specific requests from Velo Birmingham. We are proud to say that we fulfilled this request for minibus hire and provided the best possible transport service for a budget friendly price.

Providing this minibus hire was no problem for our team of expert travel consultants who were dedicated to sourcing suitable vehicles for the 100-mile journey. 

The standard vehicles that were provided were perfect for the route mapped out for the event. Standard vehicles are used frequently within Bouden Coach Travel for journeys where luxury facilities are not necessary. These can include sports team events, school trips, and for this event to provide transport for cyclists who could not carry on.

Budget was a key aspect in this case and we were able to put forth a cost-effective proposal for Velo Birmingham. Offering discounted pricing because of the volume of transport required and the nature of the contract.

We are proud to say that Velo Birmingham was a success we look forward to next years event! Here at Bouden Coach Travel we provided the event with the very best in efficient travel management solutions at a cost effective price.

We’re not just a operator, we are a travel management solution. 



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