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With our hometown of Birmingham jumping on board from January 2020. There are now proposals from governments across Europe to bring in fees for high-polluting vehicles driving within the city’s ring roads as the councils face pressure from governments to reduce pollution. 

But how will it work and how will it affect you?

The proposals are a penalty for vehicles with high Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) emissions, so it won’t be a congestion charge with a blanket tariff on everyone going into the zone.

While no final charges have been confirmed, the fees in London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone have been used as a guide as to what people can expect to pay. They are:

  • Between £6 and £12.50 for private cars
  • £12.50 for taxis, private hires and light good vehicles (vans)
  • Between £50 and £100 for buses, coaches and heavy goods vehicles (lorries)


Vehicles entering inside will be picked up by automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras, so there won’t be any barriers or toll booths.

For those who do incur charges, these will be payable online. And if you don’t pay up, you could face a £120 fine under the proposals.

Across Europe these charges have been put in place, each city however differs in the way it handles their low emissions zones. In Paris, for example, each international PSV vehicle which enters the city must possess a Paris Air Quality Certificate. We are lucky enough to have one for each and every one of our vehicles therefore international touring is no bother for us here at Bouden Coach Travel. Another coutnry that difference is Germany, Belgium and Brussels who have recently introduced a daily pass which must be purchased via the website www.lez.brussels.

For businesses like Bouden Coach Travel it will be possible to submit a “group” registration request by contacting Bruxelles Fiscalité

The registration is valid for 3 years as long as the information regarding the vehicle does not change.

The registration will be processed automatically, there is no processing period. Once you have received the confirmation of registration, you may consider your vehicle as officially registered.

We love transporting our clients to an international destination which is why we always make sure we are updated on the latest news regarding international travel. 

If you’re organising an international tour be sure to get in contact. Call 0800 112 3770 or email sales@boudencoachtravel.co.uk with your intinerary.


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