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Be right back, just building our international coach tour empire!

We have built up quite a hefty portfolio in the last 12 months when it comes to international tours. It’s crazy to think that we only received our license this time 2 years years ago and now we are averaging on more than 1 per week.

Initially we had aimed to operate one a month to gain experience, however we can now boast that since receiving the license we have accommodated passengers on board our tour coaches for more 300+ tours. The growth in this area of the business has resulted in the company buying two brand new VDL Futuras with more on the horizon.

Sophie Baugh, our Operations Manager at Bouden Coach Travel, says: “The international touring side of the industry was an untouched realm for us at the beginning of last year.

“Now we are proud to say we are working with more and more tour operators from both the UK and abroad, whisking their clients away to a multitude of different international destinations, including: Belgium, France, Amsterdam, Spain, Prague, Italy and Croatia to name just a few.”

Just last year you may have remembered our company being featured in a multitude of different industry specific magazine in regards to our tour coach hire services. Boasting that we are keen to build our international coach hire side of the business and we are proud to say that in the last 6 months we have done just that.

In 2019 alone we have completed more than 50 international coach tours on board our touring coaches. Taking on many experienced international tour drivers on the way who can now brag about the different locations they have had a pleasure of travelling to due to our tour coach hire services.

Take a look at a few pictures our drivers have taken while ‘On The Road’

From Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Holland to France, Croatia and Belgium, we really have hosted a wealth of different tours curated by our lovely clients and can’t wait to operate more with our coach hire with a driver services. 

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