Hidden Gems in UK Cities

hidden gems uk


Here in the UK, we are truly blessed with some breathtaking sights, interesting locations and of course top-notch attractions.


We’ve scrapped all the usual suspects when it comes to UK tourist sights and put together a guide of hidden gems that are simply a MUST SEE! 


  • First up is one of our favourites its The Llechwedd Caverns Trampoline Park, Gwynedd, Wales. This adult sized subterranean playground in an abandoned slate mine really is something for everyone bucket list. CLICK HERE to watch a quick video showcasing what’s in store and The Llechwedd Caverns.


  • The longest hedge maze in the world, covering 1.48 acres and 1.69 miles of pathway. Longleat Hedge Maze is constructed of more than 16,000 English yews and has been getting people lost since 1975.


  • Margate Shell Grotto – A British Mystery. Discovered in 1835, to this day, no one knows what the purpose of this subterranean passage is or was. The walls are lined with millions of shells, local mussels, cockles, whelks, limpets, scallops and oysters. A very interesting hidden gem in our opinion. CLICK HERE for more info.


  • Now into more foodie destinations, we give you Chin Chin Labs’ liquid nitrogen ice cream. Ice cream like no other at Chin Chin Labs in Camden. Europe’s First Liquid Nitrogen Ice-Cream Parlour, you can see the process as you wait to be served, amid chemical clouds in the shop’s laboratory. 



  • In our hometown of Birmingham, there are many an awesome food stop around the city centre, our favourite being Digbeth Dining Club. Host a weekly mix of the best street food suppliers of Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Digbeth Dining Club takes place on Lower Trinity Street in Digbeth, Birmingham every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday. Get down to one of Birmingham’s top attractions.


  • Lane7 Bowling – ‘Bowling like you’ve never seen it before’ With their convenient city centre locations Lane7 Bowling alleys have been popping up everywhere recently. They really do take bowling to the next level with alleys in Birmingham, Newcastle, Aberdeen and Middlesborough. 


  • Located in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, Affleck’s Palace is a true hidden gem. An emporium of eclecticism they call it and hosts a wealth of interesting market stalls, everything from clothes, shoes, jewellery, to dog/cat cafes and fortune tellers. CLICK HERE for more info.


  • Penny Lane Beatles Visitors Centre, you can get to Penny Lane on the Magical Mystery Tour or a number of other Beatles tours operating in the city. Penny Lane is where Lennon and McCartney used to meet up back int he day to go into Liverpool town centre where they spent most of their time. If you’re visiting why not go all out and order ‘four of fish’ at Penny Lane Fish and Chip shop? A classic British dish and highly recommended!


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