Bouden Coach Travel team up with Castle Vale Endowment Trust to provide Community Transport Service

bouden coach travel provide community transport










Bouden Coach Travel, a leading person transport service provider in the UK have teamed up with Castle Vale Endowment Trust to provide a new solution for the previous Hopper bus service, the 696, which was decommissioned earlier this month.

Following its withdrawal from service, the residents of Castle Vale, Birmingham, were left with no alternative bus route to allow them to visit the Castle Vale retail park. Primarily for the elderly and vulnerable this not only meant that residents were struggling to collect their pensions and do their shopping but it also meant that they had lost a chance to socialise with each other. The Castle Vale Endowment Trust wanted to put a solution in place for residents so that they could continue with their routines as normal and that’s where Bouden Coach Travel came in.

After approaching a few different companies with regards to the required service, Bouden Coach Travel’s flexibility, honesty, cost effectiveness and speedy response meant that they were selected from those who made the shortlist and could provide a full solution and be up and running within just a couple of days.

Although primarily running on a trial basis, this service will run every Monday and Friday over the next few months but could be extended dependent on demand.

The service will run the same route as the previous bus between 10:30 and 12:50pm

Bouden Coach Travel are a National provider or person transport with a fleet consisting of cars, MPV’s, Minibuses and Coaches. If you are looking for a transport provider, why not get in touch today to see what Bouden Coach Travel can do for you. Call 0800 1123770 or email for a quick quote today.

For more information about the Castle Vale Neighbourhood Partnership and the Castle Vale Endowment Trust, please visit their website

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