Bouden Coach Travel – Doing our bit for the environment


Here at Bouden Coach Travel a prime concern of ours has always been to remain as environmentally-friendly as possible. By the end of 2018 we are proud to say that our whole fleet will be Euro 6 compliant. 


Here’s a little insight into the ways in which we as a company are taking the necessary steps to become more ecological. 

‘With the arrival of a multitude of brand new vehicles, I set a goal that by the end of December we would replace all of our coaches with Euro 6 models.’ Says sales and operations manager Sophie Baugh. 

What is Euro 6?

Although there is a lot of technical jargon associated with the benefits of upgrading to EURO 6, the main benefit of upgrading is that these vehicles cause less harm to the planet we live in. 

EURO 6 is the 6th incarnation of the European Union directive to reduce harmful pollution and emissions from diesel vehicles. 

EURO 6 compliant cars, minibuses and coaches reduce not only nitrogen oxide (NOx), but also Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbons and particulate matter (which in basic terms is soot) which all have a negative effect on the environment. As well as reducing these harmful pollutants, EURO 6 compliant are more fuel efficient as well as producing lower CO2. 

Making a choice to use a EURO 6 supplier eases damage to the environment and reduces the client’s carbon footprint. 

Global warming and damage to the environment is something we all should take responsibility for which is exactly why we have made the choice to upgrade our fleet making this a better planet for ourselves and future generations to live in. 

All of our vehicles including minibuses, MPV’s, chauffeured cars and our coaches fit into the Euro 6 bracket, with the arrival of two new Tourismos we are proud to say that we are on track to becoming one of a few operators who operate only compliant vehicles. 

Other ways in which we partake in greener activities include filling empty legs on journeys, this is so that we are not just reducing our own emissions but other operators too. At Bouden Coach Travel we also have a very skilled operations team that link up jobs where it is possible this is so that one vehicle can be used on multiple journeys therefore decreasing the number of vehicles in use.

As a transport provider, we believe it is very important in the industry to do our bit for the environment. New calculations indicate that if the world continues to burn fossil fuels at the current rate, global warming will rise to two degrees Celsius by 2036, crossing a threshold that will harm human civilization. We are doing our bit, are you?


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