All Eyes Are On Birmingham During The Commonwealth Handover


Birmingham has proudly been named as the host city for the next Commonwealth Games! This will take place from the 27th of July to the 7th of Aug 2022. 


On Sunday the 15th of April the handover will commence, Birmingham will be given its chance to show the world what it can do! We are very proud to have our headquarters within this ‘diverse, young and contemporary city’ and are very excited for this inspiring opportunity to come to the people of Birmingham.


Want to know what you can expect from the ceremony?

The celebration will be showcasing ‘the best of Brum!’ With a film by Oldbury’s Daniel Alexander, 34, called, ‘We’re From Birmingham’, a performance from Erdington born rapper Lady Sanity and over 400 young Birmingham based dancers who will take to the stage in this inspiring showcase of talent. This will all be broadcasted live for the millions around the world watching as Birmingham are bestowed the honour of hosting the 2022 Commonwealth Games. 

The final budget is still being finalised for the event and will be released in due course. The government will fund most of the costs that come with hosting the games, along with donations from Birmingham City Council and other local governments which have already amounted to over £20m. 


The city will truly be coming together to celebrate all the talent and diversity it has to offer. You can watch the handover ceremony live on BBC this Sunday and get a glimpse of what Birmingham has in store for the 2022 Commonwealth Games. 


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